It is a condition that used to be rarely discussed, but the health industry today has made great strides in the treatment of male erection problem. This male sexual condition is gaining attention, as more and more men admit to having a problem with their sexual performance. Researchers are also finding that male erectile dysfunction is not limited to older men, and it may also be a sign of other more serious health conditions.

What is a Male Erection Problem?

A male erection problem is more commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction, and is when a man has repeated trouble sustaining an erection hard enough to allow him to have sex. Almost every man will experience an erectile problem at least once in their lives, but for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, this occurs almost every time he tries to have intercourse.

A man suffering from the problem will still be able to ejaculate, and most often will still have an active sex drive. He simply cannot stay firm long enough to perform sexually with his partner.

Male erection problems can happen to men at any age, though it is most common in older men. There are not any signs or symptoms that indicate erectile dysfunction except for the inability to maintain an erection for any length of time.

Causes of Male Erectile Dysfunction:

There are several different factors that can cause male erection problems, including health and physical problems. Different medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure have been linked to male sexual difficulties, as well as high cholesterol. Diseases affecting the nervous system may also be responsible such as Parkinson's Disease and multiple sclerosis.

Physical injuries can also cause sexual performance problems and a health care professional should be contacted. These problems can include injury to the nerves or could signify a loss of blood flow to the man's penis.

Certain medications can cause erectile dysfunction as can lifestyle. Excess drinking, drug abuse, and even smoking can contribute to a loss of sexual performance. Obesity has also been shown to affect sexual performance as well.

Mental health is important to a man's sexual health. Anxiety, stress, and other emotional factors can cause erectile problems.

Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction:

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction is done by a physician. A physical exam is generally conducted along with a serious of routine questions. This can help determine if the problem is caused by health problems, mental problems, or is a result of lifestyle choices. Once the cause of the problem has diagnosed, it is possible to begin treating the condition.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

There are different ways to treat erectile dysfunction  without having to undergo surgery. Often a simple change in medications or a lifestyle change can correct the problem. Changes in lifestyle can include reducing the amount of alcohol normally consumed and quitting smoking.

  • Counseling can also be helpful, it can either be done with a partner or by yourself. This is especially helpful if the cause of the erectile dysfunction is emotional not physical.
  • Some men have found the exercises, including sexual exercises have helped to improve their sexual performance.
  •  Maintaining a healthy weight and diet can greatly reduce a man's risk of developing an erectile dysfunction problem.

Advice from the Professionals:

Most professionals recommend seeking professional help for any type of erectile dysfunction. While it is often only a side effect of the aging process, it can sometimes signal a more serious health problem. While many men are embarrassed to admit to having a sexual problem, it is usually relatively easy to treat. Often a simple adjustment in a man's lifestyle or a change in medications is all that is needed.

While many men remain reluctant to discuss any problems they may be experiencing sexually, it is becoming easier for them to do so. Men are slowly beginning to realize that a lack of sexual performance does not make them less masculine. Seeking treatment is safe, easy, and confidential.


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