Every man dreams of finding a perfect woman, but who is she?

  • Is she the Venus De Milo, the Mona Lisa or even an unforgettably beautiful movie star like Elizabeth Taylor?
  • Is she a woman who possesses great beauty, fantastic intellect or someone who is a wonderful lover, cook and housekeeper?
  • Does she even exist or is she simply an unattainable dream?

While defining the perfect woman varies with the individual, one thing is certain: she does exist. If she didn't, there would be far fewer marriages!

She may be old or young, tall or short, fat or thin or any color of the rainbow, but she is out there, somewhere!

Some say that men adore women who remind them of their mothers, while others say this may only be true if a man's mother raised him to feel good about himself and feel free to pursue his dreams. In the opposite situation, the last thing a man would want is a woman who reminds him of dear old mom!

Whatever the case and no matter their personal tastes and desires, if they are open minded and realistic, most men will find their dream woman at some point in their lives.

This article is meant to show women some of the things mentally healthy men want in a woman, and hopefully, it will help them to build better relationships.

I Know Who The Perfect Woman Is!

How do I know this woman is real? Well, for one thing, I have lived a long time and have met many men who are totally happy with the women in their lives. For them, these women are "perfect". For another, I know her personally, because she is me!

Proof of this is that I have been married three times, and despite my parade of husbands, each relationship was enjoyed by my spouse.

  1. My first husband's addiction to alcohol caused me to divorce him.
  2. My second husband succumbed to cancer at an early age.
  3. My third husband and I have now been happily married now for almost 28 years.

Prior to and during those times in between marriages, I had tons of social life. All of my men loved me.

This may sound like a conceited statement on my part, but it is the honest truth.

Not one of them ever

  • left me or cheated on me,
  • complained about me or
  • made it clear that he was unhappy.

All of them liked the food I prepared for them, appreciated the fact that I kept the house clean and made it clear that they wanted to be with me in every sense of the word.

Thus, to me at least, the proof that I am the perfect woman lies in the facts. This doesn't mean that other men might not feel the same way as my three husbands, but it does show a definite pattern of behaviors that seem to work pretty well with men!

The Secret To Being The Perfect Woman

  • Did all of this happen because I was beautiful? No.
  • Was it because I had a good job and made decent money? No.
  • Or was I just plain sexy? Well, maybe just a little.

The real reason men loved me was because I knew what it took to make them happy.

I did not reel men in with my astounding good looks because I'm basically an average looking woman. I also did not get them with my smarts because, again, I am anything but brilliant. My fancy clothes and expensive makeup did not get the job done either, because I did not have any.

Here are the behaviors that worked for me:

  • I listened to what they had to say and took a sincere interest in every word.
  • I respected their financial situations. If a man took me to a restaurant, I always ordered low on the menu, and I always reciprocated by cooking them a meal at my place.
  • I always tried to make sure they were comfortable. I did not insist on dress up dates or public displays of affection.
  • I spoiled them once in awhile: breakfast in bed, Easter egg searches with surprise gifts at the end, etc.
  • I let them know I respected and admired them.
  • I never chased after them. I learned years ago that clinging vines make men feel like they are suffocating.
  • I fed them well. If they had favorite foods, I prepared them.
  • Most importantly, I gave them foot massages . I don't know anybody who does not love to have their feet rubbed, especially after a hard day at work.
  • Because I did not wear the latest fashions, have long painted fingernails or cover my face with globs of makeup, I did not look like most of the other women. To men, I appeared to be an individual who could think for myself.
  • I loved life and showed it. I was not afraid to try new things. I involved my men in my adventures and opened up new avenues for them. I also let them know I enjoyed the new things I learned from them as well.

Men Only Think They Know What They Want

People have done all kinds of surveys that ask men to describe their perfect woman. Most describe perfectly built beauties that are always made up and well dressed who are terrific in bed and don't care if their lovers spend evenings with their buddies. These women are expert cooks who always prepare their partner's favorite foods and never tell them to "watch what they eat". Preferably they have their own income sources, as well.

These women are the stuff dreams are made of, and the fact that any man would even think finding a woman like this is possible is a joke. Unfortunately, this type of thinking sets a standard that no real woman could ever attain, and men who are realistic understand this.

I have seen countless women ruin their lives thinking that men only wanted good looks, good food and sex to make them happy. These things are nice, but they are just icing. Men want the icing AND the cake,but if they can have only one, men will take the cake every time.

It is not quite as sweet, but it's more filling and lasts longer.

There is no reason for any woman to worry about finding a man or having men think she's the perfect woman.The things I did came naturally. They were very simple.

All I had to do was treat a man the way I would want him to treat me, and it paid off every time.

Each Man Wants His Own Perfect Woman

Men are not stupid. They know there is no perfect woman out there, just the one that will fulfill their own needs and desires. They just want someone in their lives who can be a friend, partner and lover.

Fulfill these wishes, and you will become the perfect woman for any man that has a lick of sense!

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