Though, it’s quite difficult to believe that somebody’s creativity resides below belt area but when it is Lady Gaga, anything is possible.

In fact, I’m using good words like ‘below belt area’ ‘coz she has frankly said that her creativity is in her vagina.

Moreover, she feels that whenever someone sleeps with her, he takes her creativity out.

I don’t understand whether it means that she does sex creatively or she means that she loses her creativity when she sleeps with someone?

The saga of Gaga goes above my head… Please lemme also know if you understand the depth of her creativity.

For your assistance I bestow you the opportunity to know her exact words. She said, "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina."

What the f***… is that the source of her creativity?

Well, I don’t think that her private part is her source of creativity. If this was so, then she wouldn’t have been so creative till date. All her creativity would have flushed out with her sleepless nights.

Hey! I forgot to tell you that there’s a surprise for all the admirers of Gaga. One can see the surprise on the cover of September issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Readers will get a chance to see her nude. Although, she hadn’t exposed her source of creativity but I think that’s enough for the hungry Gaga fans.

So, enjoy the month of September with Gaga and don’t worry about the coming months ‘coz she is not going to sit idle and she didn’t have habit of doing normal things.

In every case, you are going to have fun but I beg that don’t take her creativity out ‘coz she is loved for the same reason.


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