As I sit here and type on my laptop, a wasp will occasionally sneak in a hole in the window and for some reason head my way.

Wasps don't bother me as much as they used to-when I was working college professor, a wasp tried to land on a football player's head in class. He was unruffled, quickly raised a notebook and in a microsecond knocked the wasp to the ground, stomped on it and killed it. 

I thought, Wow. I had been terrified of wasps my entire life. They were always buzzing above my head. This was a new twist to a student teaching something to the teacher, which is why I've remained a teacher. I learn many things from my students. Get 'em and be fast as lightning about it. Don't give them a second to gain an advantage.

Since then, wasps don't befuddle me at all. Used to be I was paralyzed with fear. Now I just knock it to the floor, which renders it helpless, and I was in control from there, like I was taught in class that day.

Stupid creepy things. Do they even have a purpose? They are the bullies of the bee world.


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