I’ve been a lover of virtual pet sites for many years. It started with Neopets in the year 1999. I quickly became obsessed. I never had a lot of rare items or a lot of neopoints, but I had fun and that’s what truly matters. Fast-forward about 6 years.

I was beginning to tire of all the new rules and glitches on Neopets. I began looking for something else. I found Subeta. Subeta is a pet site with a human avatar system. You can create pets, buy clothing and dress up your avatar, play games and talk on the forums. Subeta is much more adult oriented than Neopets. I’ve been playing Subeta for about 8 years now and I’m still on daily. Recently, I discovered another pet site named Sylestia. It’s unique in the fact that it has a breeding program and every pet is different. It’s a lot of fun to breed pets together to see what traits and colors their babies will have. There is an exploration system in Sylestia and plenty of enemies to battle. It’s kinda similar to Pokemon because you train and level your pets for battling. The site is still in Beta, but it’s constantly improving. At this point in time, I still play Neopets, Subeta and Sylestia. If you’d like to add me on any of them, my usernames are below.

Neopets Username: lilithsdarkrose
Subeta Username: Alchemy
Sylestia Username: Alchemy


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