Have you seen the creepy pics of "father-daughter purity balls?"

These are gaining popularity amongst some right-wing fundamentalist Christians - young girls dress in ball gowns and swear to stay virgin before marriage while their fathers swear to "cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the area of her purity."

Teen and pre-teen girls cuddle up to their fathers in a grim parody of a prom. All the while, mothers and sons don't get much of a mention. Why not, I wonder?

Well, these men also swear to "lead, guide and pray over my daughter and my family as the High Priest in my house." They don't swear to stop their sons fornicating or committing sex crimes - as the recent appalling news about the Duggars shows.

Can you imagine a son swearing, in public, to dedicate his virginity to his mother? It would never happen and the purity bigots would be the first in line to stone the miscreants if it did.

Want to help your daughter? Teach her about sex and love, teach her about health and contraception and condoms, teach her strategies to avoid the sexual importunings of the many impure males she will encounter in her life.

And teach sons about the worth and dignity of girls.


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