Jun 22

4 Free Music Sites Online Streaming to Boost Your Mood

As Internet technology is advanced, listening to music doesnít require you to download it. As long as you have an internet connection, headphone/earphone or speaker, you can listen to any songs through online streaming.

There are many free music sites online streaming out there with their owns plus and minus. With free streaming, you are being saved from illegal download and also save some money for you donít need to purchase the song. Here are some useful websites for free streaming.


There is Last.fm that has been popular lately before other mobile platform applications subsided its popularity. Last.fm had two options, free and paid member. You can join as a free member and you can access many songs from this site. Last.fm will give you recommendation based on the previous or current music you are playing to be played next. Special features are offered for those who choose paid subscription as like free ads and merchandise. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the free music here.


If you access Google Play Store, you will see Spotify is on the top rated list of free music sites online streaming.  Spotify is currently the most widely downloaded mobile streaming application. Spotify offers two kinds of plan, Spotify free and Spotify premium. You can choose Spotify free as it already gives you access to listen to many songs online. .

Unfortunately, this application doesnít allow you to hear to indie songs. If you are looking for traditional music, Spotify is the right place. Spotify is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.


Ever heard of SoundCloud? I bet 99% of music lover is familiar with this site. Even when the mobile application gets more popular, SoundCloud had been stolen many hearts of music fans. The flexibility is what makes SoundCloud exists until now. Not only you can stream online for free, it is not just free music sites online streaming but also let you record your cover of a song. It means more choice of music, yet you can also get lost if you donít know how to distinguish the original one. It is also easy to download music uploaded in SoundCloud to your device.

Joox Free Music

The latest one that rises to its popularity is Joox. Joox is a streaming website that let people enjoy music for free. Joox is generous with its open plan, and thatís what makes it accessible. Joox also gives you flexible access to old stream music that may have disappeared from other free music sites online streaming. Currently, Joox is available for the mobile device and focused more on Chinese music.