Jun 06

5 Celebrities who Covering Acne with Make Up

Almost every woman in this world want to look flawless, especially to their special one. In fact, there are much skin problems that preclude this to happen. Acne, spot, wrinkles, and many more skin problems you can mentions in here. But, there is simple things to do so you can overcome this problem. Make up. Yes, it is the easiest way to still, have the perfect look just as these 5 celebrities who covering their acne with make up.

Victoria Becham

We have to admit that she is always looks stunning! No blemish in every time we can see her on tv, magazine. But, she had claimed that she have a lot of skin problems. Not infrequently despite using cosmetics,acne is still visible through her makeup. Fortunately, a 'savior', her dermatologist Dr. Lancer is able to overcome her acne.

Amanda Seyfried

Concealer is her solution to get over pimples. "Every month I'm sure there are pimples. I always need a concealer to cover," Amanda said. Concealer be a loyal friend at a time when her face dotted with acne. However, now a movie star 'Dear John' that has reduced the use of concealer facial treatments diligently since Clé de Peau.

Eva Longoria

At forties, she still look younger and fresh. People magazine named her one of 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age. But she honestly admits that her skin is very prone, especially when lack of moisture. Concealer and foundation sufficient to help cover the small bumps on her face. However, she still keeping moisture skin that are not easily arise acne. "The key is moisturizer. Skin hydration is very important," said Eva.

Cameron Diaz

She began her career as a model at 16, and now one of the popular movies star at 90’s could not feel confident with acne. Not just in one place, once Cameron had to fight against acne that many around her cheeks.To cover it, would not want former boyfriend Justin Timbarlake that daub makeup thick enough. Fortunately, acne has now been corrected. "After stop eating fast food, my skin is getting better and clean. Zit completely lost," she said.

Kate Moss

World famous model, owner one of popular online fashion brand, Top shop, Kate Moss’ skin still frequent breakouts. The key is to have a good foundation so that the cameras still look flawless. Even so, that does not mean she does not care. Every night she always apply oil-based skin care on her face working on acne.