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particle physics news, articles and features | New Scientist

Particle Physics News, Articles And Features | New Scientist

DNA-based detector could precisely track subatomic particles · Emmy Noether · LATEST IN PARTICLE PHYSICS · Particle physics could be rewritten after shock W boson ... [ReadMore..]

Crisis in Particle Physics Forces a Rethink of What Is 'Natural ...

Crisis In Particle Physics Forces A Rethink Of What Is 'Natural ...

For three decades, researchers hunted in vain for new elementary particles that would have explained why nature looks the way it does. As physicists confront that failure, they’re reexamining a… Mar 1, 2022 ... For several years, the particle physicists who study nature's ... now 82, recalled that she was in Europe visiting CERN when the news broke. [ReadMore..]

Kennesaw State particle physicists receive grant to improve ...

Kennesaw State Particle Physicists Receive Grant To Improve ...

Two Kennesaw State University researchers have been awarded a $300,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to explore improvements in theoretical formalisms and calculations that could advance the study of theoretical particle physics worldwide. Jan 20, 2022 ... Theoretical particle physics can be a daunting subject in terms of explaining to the public its real-world applications. [ReadMore..]

Particle Physics | Science News

Particle Physics | Science News

Particle Physics · High-energy neutrinos may come from black holes ripping apart stars · The Large Hadron Collider has restarted with upgraded proton-smashing ... [ReadMore..]

Particle physics – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation ...

Particle Physics – News, Research And Analysis – The Conversation ...

Browse Particle physics news, research and analysis from The Conversation These particles are responsible for the weak force, and the result is more evidence for undiscovered physics. [ReadMore..]

ALICE makes first direct observation of a fundamental effect in ...

ALICE Makes First Direct Observation Of A Fundamental Effect In ...

  The ALICE collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has made the first direct observation of the dead-cone effect – a fundamental feature of the theory of the strong force that binds quarks and gluons together into protons, neutrons and, ultimately, all atomic nuclei. In addition to confirming this effect, the observation, reported in a paper published today in Nature, provides direct experimental access to the mass of a single charm quark before it is confined inside hadrons. “It has been very challenging to observe the dead cone directly,” says ALICE spokesperson Luciano Musa. “But, by using three years’ worth of data from proton–proton collisions at the LHC and sophisticated data-analysis techniques, we have finally been able to uncover it.” Quarks and gluons, collectively called partons, are produced in particle collisions such as those that take place at the LHC. After their creation, partons undergo a cascade of events called a parton shower, whereby they lose energy by emitting 1 day ago ... “Quark masses are fundamental quantities in particle physics, but they cannot be accessed and measured directly in experiments because, with the ... [ReadMore..]

Particle physics news and latest updates

Particle Physics News And Latest Updates

Daily science news on research developments, technological breakthroughs and the latest scientific innovations News tagged with particle physics · Ultracold bubbles on space station open new avenues of quantum research · A new window into the world of attosecond phenomena. [ReadMore..] - Particle physics, high energy physics, news and ... - Particle Physics, High Energy Physics, News And ...

A communication resource from the world's particle physics laboratories. [ReadMore..]

Particle Physics News and Research - Scientific American

Particle Physics News And Research - Scientific American

News and research about Particle Physics, including commentary and archival articles published in Scientific American. [ReadMore..]

Particle physics - Latest research and news | Nature

Particle Physics - Latest Research And News | Nature

Particle physics. Definition ... Featured. News & Views | 13 May 2022 ... Learning to simulate high energy particle collisions from unlabeled data. [ReadMore..]

Particle physics - BBC News

Particle Physics - BBC News

All the latest news about Particle physics from the BBC We tackle particle physics questions from around the world, with help from physicists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. [ReadMore..]