Nov 12

How to Detox Naturally with Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a natural method used to detoxify the body through gentle massage with a dry, long-handled, soft-bristled brush. Its main function is to remove dead skin cells and move lymph throughout the circulatory system. Lymph is the substance in the body responsible for picking up toxins and other unwanted materials and filtering them through the lymphatic system.

How Do I Use It?

Use it on dry, naked skin right before a shower since you'll want to rinse off the dead skin cells and toxins right away. Start at your feet and work upward with smooth, circular strokes directed toward the heart. Then start at your hands and work toward your shoulders. Work from your hips upward on your torso until you reach the heart then from the neck down to cover the entire chest. Apply the same principle for the back. Remember to brush gently across the breasts and avoid the genital area. After your usual warm shower, turn the water to the coolest temperate you can stand for just a minute or two to further stimulate circulation and invigorate the skin!

Note: Where ever you start, it's important to always work toward the heart to avoid putting a strain on the lymph vessels and veins.

How Does It Work?

Our skin is responsible for twenty five percent of our body's daily detoxification. The dry skin brushing technique stimulates the skin by increasing blood flow and releasing toxins. It gives the internal organs a gentle massage, improving digestion, nervous system function and strengthening the immune system. Skin is tighter and toned, giving it a more youthful, healthy appearance. Plus, there's an added bonus for bikini season: Dry skin brushing helps remove cellulite naturally!

When And How Often Should I Use It?

For maximum benefit, dry skin brushing should be done in the morning, once a day for approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

How Much Does A Dry Skin Brush Cost?

A good dry skin brush costs just $6-$7. Quite an inexpensive price for such a great return on investment!

Anything Else I Should Know?

Exfoliated, invigorated healthy skin leads to overall better health. If you suffer with digestive health issues, skin problems such as cellulite or eczema or just want to improve your well being, dry skin brushing is for you. Just remember to thoroughly wash and let your skin brush hang out to dry at least once per week.