Privacy Policy

This website takes online privacy very seriously, and strives to protect the privacy of the users of our websites and those who subscribe to our services. We will not rent, sell, lease, or give away any of your personal information. Additionally, here are policies regarding other parts of this website.

RSS Subscriptions: This website records information about how people access our RSS feeds, but does not collect any personally identifying information from or about our RSS subscribers.

Cookies and web beacons: Third parties (including advertising services) may be placing and reading cookies on your browser in the normal course of providing services to this website. Some services on this site also may use web beacons (tiny small transparent images) to collect information in the course of providing services to this website. Your web broswer should have options to manage cookies should this be desirable. Consult your browser's help section for information on viewing, setting, and changing these options.

E-mail Subscriptions: This website's feed services collect the e-mail addresses of individuals that subscribe to our RSS feed via e-mail. Individual information about subscribers to this website's feed is held in strict confidence; we will not release or disclose any specific subscriber information under any circumstances, unless required by law. Aggregated information stripped of any personally identifiable information may be disclosed.

Web Server Traffic: This website records information about how people access this website. This includes things such as your IP address (or DNS), your browser, and your operating system. We do not and will not use this information to track down any personally identifiable information about you, unless required by law.

E-mail: E-mail sent to the site either through the contact form or directly to the owner in connection with this site is considered property of this site, and questions or tips may be published at the owner's option. In such cases, this website will not disclose any personally identifying information, unless required to by law.

Comments: Comments submitted to this website are the responsibility of the commenter. We reserve the right to remove or edit comments at our discretion. Site URLs (if provided) are published along with comments. E-mail addresses are required with the submission of comments but are not disclosed, unless the commenter deliberately does so him/herself by entering the e-mail address in the main comment box in addition to the box clearly labeled for the e-mail address.

External Links: The web site contains links to other websites not owned by the owner of this website. We will not, and cannot, control how your personal information is used on these other websites. Consult the privacy policies of the linked websites to see how they use your information.