Aug 30

What can I do with my new coupons?

There are some good ways to get more coupons in your life, but there's also some bad ways that could end up costing you money. Let's talk about the good ways first: You can find coupons in newspapers, magazines or online or even TV commercials. You can also get coupons for free stuff by just signing up for websites and newsletters that offer coupons.

These usually give you anywhere from one to three coupons right away along with a promise to send you more as time goes on. This is sometimes how I find new places to shop online and things like that, which is nice because it gives me info about cool stuff I might not know about otherwise. You can also find coupons at the store sometimes. Sometimes the cashiers have coupons on them so you can just grab those. Sometimes they have coupons with them to give to you! It doesn't hurt to ask if you can have a coupon from them even if it doesn't seem like it should be something they should give out.

The bad ways: You can print useless coupons from websites or sign up for newsletters that don't send you anything. They usually just want your email so they can market to you later and try and sell stuff. Not cool, but at least the sites are free so there's that going for them.

How to get rid of coupons

I kind of want to make this quick because I've given you enough information already, but here's how you get rid of your coupons. Your coupons don't really expire so it shouldn't matter if they're unused by now. Usually however, you can use them again later on. If the coupon is for something that you don't need it's probably not worth getting rid of it though. Just put it in a drawer, throw away the receipts or whatever the case may be and use it later when you might need it. I've found that it's hard to get rid of coupons because most of the time you'll find something you need soon after.