Aug 30

Where to find coupon codes for free things

I've been really excited to share this post with you guys because it will familiarize you with something I feel like we all forget about. Coupons! You may be wondering what coupons are, and the truth is everyone deserves a little coupon education. Organization is important in life (and our chapters!). The best chapters in life don't happen without organisation, and that's the same what we're going to discuss today here on this website about how to find coupon codes for free things. Well done, good chapter! Now: let's get started.

The ultimate guide to coupons

No, no, no. You can't just grab a bunch of coupons and walk into the grocery store and grab whatever you like. First of all, that rarely works for me and second of all, we're going to be taking about how to find coupon codes for free things right now on this website. That means we need to go over some basics first: What is a coupon? What is a deal? I'll explain both: what is a coupon and how to find one!

What is a coupon? A coupon is basically anything that helps you save money when you go shopping. Let's say you're in the grocery store and you find a box of cereal that says "buy one, get one free". That's a coupon! It saves you money because you can get two boxes of cereal for the price of one! Deal? Yes, deal. I love coupons. They make me feel good when I use them because I'm saving money on things I need or want, plus they make me feel smart. What is a deal? A deal is usually when you do something that helps get us something great without giving up our independence or freedom. For example: I really want to go see the new Batman movie that just came out today but it's $10 dollars at the theater. I have a coupon for a free bag of popcorn up at the counter so I got my popcorn and got into the movie for free! That's what we're going to be talking about today.

How to get free stuff with coupons

So we've gone over what a coupon is and what a deal is, which may seem like obvious things for most people but I guess it's good to talk about because you never know. You might forget at some point and need this information again. You also might want to try getting into the habit of using coupons for things you don't need to buy anyway. For example, if you're watching TV with your girlfriend and she puts on a commercial that says "buy two cartons of milk now, get one free" now you have three cartons of milk! You can also try finding coupon codes for free stuff instead of paying money! Don't be afraid to put something on your grocery list that doesn't really need to be bought. Everyone loves coupons.

How do I find coupon codes?

Often times when I'm at the store or just browsing my phone, I'll see ads for deals that look good so I'll keep my eyes peeled for it in case it comes up. Keep in mind that everyone shops differently so this isn't going to work for everyone, especially when you're buying groceries.

You can also check out websites online for coupons. Online coupons are basically everywhere so you'll find them if you look hard enough. You can start to use these coupon websites like Retailmenot,, Couponvario, The Krazy Coupon Lady or CouponFollow. The problem with finding them on websites is that sometimes they expire before you get a chance to use them. Also, I've found that it's helpful to read the fine print and make sure of any things like minimum purchase amount or whether or not the coupon applies to specific items. Also remember that sometimes coupons are for one time use only.

You can also check out websites that compile coupons together, like or CouponCabin. These ones usually don't expire unless they're for specific items, but at least you can find all your new favorite coupons on one website if you're not particular about the date.

What if I don't have a coupon? So what if you can't find a coupon? Well, then you just have to buy the product! I know, that's kind of pointless but there's no way around it. No one is going to let people buy products and not pay for them so we just have to put our money where our mouth is and hope we get something nice in return. Plus, sometimes I'll find a product I really love and the only way to buy it is to spend a bit of money. That's okay. It's a learning experience. You can try to use those experiences for your next shopping trip though. Maybe you get a coupon the next time so you get to get free product twice.